CommunityLIVE is a month away! And with that news, you may have some questions.

What is CommunityLIVE?

CommunityLIVE is Hyland Software’s annual conference for users of OnBase, Perceptive, LawLogix and more.

What is the purpose of the conference?

CommunityLIVE brings together 2,700+ Hyland product family end users, developers, executives and experts from industries around the world. More than just a user conference, CommunityLIVE is the ultimate event for learning how every department in your organization can work better, smarter and faster.

How can it benefit me?

With industry-based sessions offering vertical-specific content and customer success stories, there’s invaluable insight for everyone at your organization. At CommunityLIVE, business end users have access to hands-on product training, executives can develop new business strategies, and System and IT Administrators can renew certifications or even attend technical sessions that will help them add immediate value to their organizations. CommunityLIVE is overflowing with Content Services education, networking, and entertainment opportunities.

Where is the conference?

CommunityLIVE 2019 will be hosted from September 15th – 19th at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Is there a way that I can access news and information from the conference even if I won’t be attending?

We’re glad that you asked! After this year’s CommunityLIVE, the Paperless Solutions team will be compiling a newsletter with the best OnBase news and updated features. We will also be able to provide detailed information from various industry sessions, including powerpoint slides. Keep an eye on your inbox, and feel free to reach out to us at info@paperlessus.com with any questions that you may have!



  1. You will leverage growing computational power

By continuing to invest in hard to maintain internal servers, companies are missing out on increased computational power offered by cloud providers. Instead of maintaining an outdated system, IT teams can be repurposed to enable cloud services and help your company grow by centralizing company data and allowing progress via machine learning or artificial intelligence. You employ incredibly intelligent people- why not provide these scientists with the comprehensive and efficient ECS system that they need to thrive?


  1. You will experience increased revenue, profit, and market capitalization

Digital solutions are developed first and foremost to save time, reduce costs, streamline complex processes, reduce error, and create agility in resources. A company that fully adopts a digital culture can expect to react quickly to changing market conditions or trends. These companies are also using data-driven processes to automatically collect, mine, and leverage data to make smarter business and research decisions.


  1. Your data will be more secure

Maintaining a legacy system infrastructure can not only be expensive, but risky as well. Keeping critical data on internal servers behind a corporate firewall exposes you to potential hacks and theft. Cloud systems not only offer bolstered, around-the-clock security, they also provide file encryption and obfuscation that will protect your information.


Are you interested in learning more about the cloud software that we offer? Read on and Find out 3 Reasons Your Data is Safer With Cloud!

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Top 5 Best Practices for Digitizing Government Case Management



  1. Justify the case for digital transformation

Government agencies are under mounting pressure to perform tasks efficiently, store information securely, and satisfy their constituents. When taking into account operating budget and the outdated legacy case management systems on which these organizations are forced to rely, the challenge is readily apparent. Critical information is often spread across multiple disconnected platforms, making the case management process disorganized and inaccurate. A digitized case management system eliminates these information ‘silos’ and creates a single access point across every channel. Not only will this allow departments, agencies and caseworkers to provide better public services, but government employees will be able to pursue more productive tasks with the time previously spent scouring for information.


  1. Set your digital priorities and strategize

What is your organization’s overarching goal? What are your priorities? As a government entity, you’re likely focused on providing quality service to citizens and constituents. However, your digital transformation could also be a facet of a broader cost-cutting initiative. Knowing how you intend to maximize the benefits of the transformation will guide you through the process more quickly and give you the results that your organization needs. Create and manage a detailed strategy that incorporates your organization’s unique needs and goals.


  1. Ensure that government leaders are playing meaningful roles in your digital initiatives

Lead by example. Leaders should man the helm of any digital transformation effort. These individuals can provide both internal and external resources that will keep the process moving smoothly. In addition, demonstrating a focus on digitization affects the entire organization from the top down, creating a digital culture centered around smarter, more efficient practices.


  1. Select the best ECS software for your needs

With so many options to choose from, how can you tell which Case Management platform is right for you? Here are some tips to remember:

  • Limit the number of systems you’ll be evaluating
  • Take advantage of demos
  • Involve the correct people from your organization
  • Know what you need
  • Stay in control

Learn more about selecting the best option for you in our blog ‘Your Guide to Evaluating Content Services Platforms for Your Business’


  1. Listen to constituent feedback and build upon your implemented software

Be sure to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your Case Management solution and adjust or build upon your platform as the need arises. Your priorities, as well as those of your constituents, can change. A quality Case Management platform can mold to suit your current requirements. Most importantly, listen to the feedback of your constituents and end users. Their happiness with the solution will lead to yours!



Are you in search of a simple, easy-to-implement solution for your organization? Many in your shoes are wary of the expense and lengthy implementation periods that often come part and parcel with digital transformation. As a result, Paperless Solutions offers business-specific, cloud-based solutions that deliver key functionality to your business while reducing the cost and complexity of implementation.

  1. They’re Affordable

Worried about the associated costs of a larger implementation? These solutions are an affordable way to address common organizational needs with increasing ROI and no price hikes.

  1. They’re Configurable and Expandable

By nature, they are more flexible than other off-the-shelf software. No custom coding is required, and data values can be added to change workflow processes by the user or by Paperless Solutions’ own Tech Support team. Point applications are remarkable for their flexibility, speed and scalability.

  1. Rapid Deployment and Minimal Service Requirements

With simple deployment and pre-configured functionality, users are able to take immediate advantage of a point application’s abilities.

Hyland Point Applications


Contract Lifecycle Management:

  • Establish a Central Repository
  • Content Management with transparency and controls
  • Process Automation and electronic execution
  • Track renewals and expirations proactively
  • Eliminate human error
  • Maintain the most recent copies of documents all in one secure, collaborative and easily accessed location


Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or Right to Know:

  • Simplify public information request submission and delivery for constituents
  • Institute a comprehensive search to complete request fulfillment
  • Improve transparency and reporting
  • Automatic notification of requests
  • Electronic routing
  • Click response and status updates
  • Improved compliance and transparency

Ready to get started? Contact us for a free digital transformation assessment!



Digital transformation can be a daunting process. However, with the right attention to detail and careful selection, your Enterprise Content Services platform has the power to completely reshape the way you work. As a newcomer, how can you know which system is the right option for you?

  1. Limit the number of systems you’ll be evaluating

Develop a shortlist of software systems to delve into. Five or fewer will be easiest to evaluate, and any more might limit your ability to weigh each system effectively against your organization’s requirements. Keeping the number low will also make the overall process more manageable, especially when it comes to our next tip.

  1. Take advantage of demos

Be sure to set a date and time to demo each of your prospective software systems. This step is crucial, as demos will give you insight into the effectiveness and user-friendly qualities of the software. Schedule the demos as much as a week or two out so that you have time to adequately prepare.

  1. Involve the correct people from your organization

Who should partake in evaluating your software options? You may think that your IT team would be the best option, but we recommend including employees from various parts of your organization. After all, who would have better input than those who will be using the new software to complete their daily tasks?

  1. Know what you need

Before attending demos or committing to a system, you should have a solid knowledge of your organization’s unique individual requirements. Invoice coding, document submission and approval, or even certification tracking are only a few solutions among thousands. Because many Enterprise Content Services platforms are so robust, we would encourage you to have a list of capabilities you would like demonstrated. Otherwise, you may risk seeing only features that are flashy but not of much use to your organization.

  1. Stay in control

Always remember to be an active participant in not only software research, but the demo process as well. Don’t let the software sales team drive the demo process by coming unprepared or neglecting to support the salesperson with as much information about your organizational needs as possible. Mistakes in software selection can be costly. Stay in the know and manage your selection process correctly!