It’s an exciting time to be a CIO, but also a challenging one.

As a result of emerging technology, organizations and the internal business practices which guide them are being permanently altered. As the importance of technology grows, CIOs are becoming more and more involved in critical organizational decisions.

It’s Not Just About Technology

Rather than simply overseeing databases and core systems, Government CIOs now have the added responsibility of building relationships with other government leaders and constituents. The increasing use of big data and analytics to guide decisions are huge drivers of change within the role. IT is now more than ever being developed to serve citizens and transform traditional processes. CIOs who do not adapt their personal and professional skill sets to meet today’s demands risk becoming ineffective, and therefore irrelevant.

Contending With Outside Forces

It’s important to be able to operate with speed when faced with the myriad of concerns facing governments today: population growth, the possibility of natural disasters, and providing efficient and high quality social services. Although it may seem overwhelming, governments are currently ripe with opportunity for CIOs to force the pace of innovation within their organizations and choose technologies that will streamline standard processes.

A New Vision for Cloud

Government CIOs are looking to the Cloud for the future of government information accessibility and security. Content Services Cloud platforms provide the infrastructure to access key information sources wherever they are, and key features – such as identity management – that governments need. These capabilities allow governments to provide fast and effective service to their constituents.


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