One Click Wonder: The Added Value of Enterprise Search

3 Examples of ROI


Enterprise Search is a feature which has one overarching goal: to keep company information accessible. You may think that your organization already has a handle on keeping content at its employees’ fingertips, but can you search across your entire company’s systems for information with a single search bar?

With Enterprise Search capability, you can access countless Clouds, pages, and other types of content while addressing your business’ need to securely store and retrieve critical information. How will this help you?

Enterprise Search: the benefits far outweigh the costs.

     Higher levels of employee efficiency

Quick and easy access to information for all employees company-wide means less time wasted searching across multiple CRMs or applications. This is significant when taking into account organizations with content stored across dozens of email servers, file systems, application databases and websites. Enterprise Search ensures that results are ranked based on relevancy so that the information you need is easy to find whenever you need it, and all with a single query. Better efficiency translates to reduced staff hours and increased responsiveness for your organization.

     Lower IT costs

By implementing Enterprise Search and centralizing access to information, you can lower your costs for license, maintenance and support, and discover the untapped value of the investments you’ve already made. The reduction in your total cost of ownership will greatly impact your ROI, all while providing you and your employees with a seamless user experience.

     Incorporates AI for security and compliance

A common fear keeping businesses from deploying an Enterprise Search solution is that with information centrally and readily available, it will suddenly become less secure. With a Marketing team no longer limited solely to viewing content within the Marketing CRM, will individuals see information that is not meant for them? Fortunately, Enterprise Search solutions have built-in security that provides read and view access settings for all users. If a user is not given access to a given document, that document will not appear in a search performed by that user.

It’s plain to see that Enterprise Search is well worth the investment. Are you ready to revolutionize your content storage and retrieval? Contact us for a free assessment today.

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