The big myth: storing your company’s sensitive data on a Cloud service, while convenient, is a security risk. Fortunately for businesses and Cloud services everywhere, this is simply untrue.

In fact, Cloud Computing is more secure than traditional IT systems. Here’s why:

1. Information is Harder to Reach (For Eavesdroppers, That Is)

Well-known Cloud vendors almost always have better security measures than those of their clients. Information is stored in remote data centers away from prying eyes. So long as you keep your local computer close and your credentials closer, your connection to your data is completely secure. Only you or those you authorize will be able to view those files.

2. Can You Trust Your Hardware?

We’ve all lost at least one important document due to unforeseen technical issues. But what if that document contains critical data? When a hard disk fails, hundreds of gigabytes of information can be lost in a matter of minutes. With a Cloud service, however, you can pick right back up from where you left off on a new device.

3. Watchful Eyes

Thanks to an ample supply of resources dedicated to the task, Cloud infrastructure is able to be constantly monitored for potential security threats. This is something that a small IT department, no matter how talented, will find impossible to match.

Take it from us, while the decision to transfer to a Cloud system may seem daunting, professionals can be assured that their information will be stored in good hands. Cloud-based software is not only safe, it may very well be the safest place to store data.

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