Company: MI Windows and Doors

MI Windows and Doors (MI) is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of precision-built vinyl and aluminum windows and doors with headquarters in Pennsylvania and manufacturing operations in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Arizona. It has been in operation for over 70 years and sells products through various distribution channels, including lumber and building materials distributors, one-step specialty distributors, as well as specialized inhome and showroom dealers.

Challenge: Simplify workflow and order processing

MI needed its Inside Sales representatives to have quick and easy access to information as well as provide timely answers to customers. However, an improvement was needed to locate historic documents and information associated with orders, product delivery, including order documentation, packing slips, delivery tickets, and invoices.

In addition, MI’s existing document imaging system was outdated. Inside Sales would receive orders via fax and email, which would then need to be manually printed and scanned into an outdated document imaging system. With manufacturing locations across the US, there were further challenges in keeping up with orders including documentation associated with quotes and engineering drawings. Additionally, various pieces of fulfillment information such as purchase orders, bills of lading, and proof of deliveries were a challenge to manage with the older system.

The Solution: Paperless Solutions’ experience in document management

The company turned to Paperless Solutions to simplify order processing and address its outdated systems. Paperless Solutions reviewed how the order processing and fulfillment departments worked and then implemented an OnBase document management system to solve all of the document management needs. They also provided software support of the older system as well and migration to the newer system.

With OnBase, order and fulfillment documents were set up to be captured immediately, electronically or through highspeed scanners. OnBase was able to capture emails directly from Outlook and eliminated the need to print documents before scanning. Paperless Solutions also recommended installing upgraded multi-function scanning stations at regional locations across the country, since scanning was still needed in these offices for some customer-related documents and/or proof of delivery documentation. Paperless Solutions then integrated OnBase with the multi-function scanning stations. This integration facilitated scanning to a local PC and simultaneously uploaded the information to OnBase.

Invoices are now captured electronically straight from MI’s ERP system and automatically ingested and classified into OnBase. Packing slips are scanned into the OnBase system and automatically classified utilizing barcodes located on each document, eliminating data entry errors.

OnBase software automated the process of capturing, managing, accessing, integrating, and storing information in parallel with scanning. This provided a better user experience, enhanced performance, and offered more capabilities and functionality than the previous system. Scanning and indexing documents through this system was immediate, streamlined, and much faster for MI. There was no need for staff to wait for indexing and scanning documents with an outdated system. MI’s manufacturing team can easily access the information right from their desktops through OnBase. “Our Inside Sales team finds the new system easier and more efficient to use compared to our outdated, prior system,” indicated Mick Lower, MI’s director of information technology. “We’ve gotten positive feedback throughout the organization.” All MI locations are now better connected and able to receive supporting order information in a more efficient and timely manner versus waiting for nightly uploads of information.

The Return on Investment

Improves customer service: Inside Sales representatives now have the ability to capture important supporting order information quickly into the OnBase system.

Eliminates the need for paper storage: MI uses the OnBase solution to store and manage information for as long as necessary. Once documents no longer need to be retained, based on conditions set by MI, they are automatically removed from the system.

Increases operational efficiency of the order and fulfillment process and saves time and money. There is no need for printing paperwork. Less time is spent in searching for and tracking related documentation given OnBase.

Future Plans

The organization is currently evaluating where else OnBase can be implemented

Departments Using OnBase

  • Inside Sales
  • Shipping
  • Credit

The Paperless Solution System Offered:

  • Highly configurable custom business logic without requiring new versions of the software for each change.
  • Custom reporting.
  • Fine grained security, configurable per queue and allowed different rights for different actions.
  • Default routing based on business rules and manual routing between queues with configurable security.

While some of this functionality was available in OnBase, Paperless Newt offered a more budget-friendly option for a key area. It was designed specifically to address the business processing aspect of the project, replacing the existing Stellent workflow system, while integrating with Stellent IBPM, the Mainframe and Debtor LookUp systems. Paperless Newt’s workflow application automated a percentage of correspondence while queuing others to be reviewed. Once a segment of correspondence was reviewed then a system generated response was produced with easily identifiable classes of language appropriate for the response. Non-standard, “custom” responses were sent to another queue for manual completion of information within a standard language-generated template.

Over 80 data points on accounts and multiple debtor accounts were consolidated into one system with immediate access to full details, while integrating with OnBase. This enabled requesting and searching for related documents to include in responses. Tracking and managing correspondence using outdated spreadsheets was eliminated.

Once Paperless Newt was implemented and replaced the legacy Stellent workflow system, the Stellent IBPM system was migrated to OnBase. OnBase handled imaging and was a repository for all the documents associated with the individual debtor. The Paperless Newt application seamlessly communicates with OnBase, while automatically updating information within the Mainframe and Debtor LookUp system to aid in classifying and processing various debtor documentation and correspondence.

Paperless Newt also incorporated a web user interface to make it easy for Correspondence to access all the information they needed in one system and to enable processing and tracking correspondence in a more efficient and effective way.

Additional Features Included:

  • Fields and screens to capture data previously entered manually, reducing the system user “touch” points while processing each document.
  • New standardized forms to enable the clerk to easily take calls and capture relevant data. Clerks no longer needed to be familiar with or access various disparate systems such as the Mainframe and Debtor LookUp to accomplish their work.
  • Data validation to the workflow process to reduce errors and ensure each step was completed by the clerks.

About Paperless Solutions

Trusted experts in enterprise content management since 1999, Paperless Solutions specializes in industries with complex processes and stringent compliance requirements. State and local government, prothonotaries, manufacturers, laboratories and collections agencies rely on us to simplify their processes, decrease costs and keep their business compliant. By combining innovation with an intelligent business sense we bring about dramatic improvements in every client’s efficiency and bottom line. We skillfully combine best-in-breed off-the-shelf ECM solutions from Hyland OnBase and FileBound with our own software to deliver the right workflows from finance to human resources, court case management, e-Filing, sample test reporting and collections correspondence. Recognized for our outstanding customer service, Paperless Solutions is a repeat winner of the Hyland OnBase Diamond Award.

“We had the highest confidence in working with Paperless Solutions because they exhibited a thorough understanding of our existing systems and processes. They were also very knowledgeable and experienced with the newer solution, OnBase. Additionally, Paperless Solutions went above and beyond in supporting us through a difficult system transition for our company.”

Mick Lower,
Director of IT

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Software provided by Paperless Solutions Inc.

  • OnBase Enterprise Content Management Systems
  • Integration with Outlook and with high-speed scanners
  • Integration with MI’s ERP system


Order and fulfillment document capture, management and access from locations across the U.S.


  • Eliminated cumbersome process of printing from Outlook and then scanning information with an enhanced interface
  • Delivers rapid information uploads and access via the OnBase server through high-speed scanning stations


  • Saves time in order processing and fulfillment
  • Improves organizational efficiency
  • Provides electronic access to all documentation surrounding the ordering and fulfillment process
  • Streamlines information capture through direct capture, storage management and access of information in OnBase