Company: Transworld Systems, Inc.

A Chicago-based, industry-leading provider of outsourced-accounts receivable management solutions, Transworld Systems (TSI) helps companies recover money owed to them. More than 60,000 businesses currently entrust TSI with their slow-pay and non-paying accounts. In return, TSI recovers three times more money than their competitors at a fraction of the cost.

TSI clients include small businesses, banks, hospitals, retailers, universities, cities, and manufacturers – virtually any organization that accepts checks or extends credit.

Challenge: Simplify correspondence processes

TSI’s Consumer Affairs division is responsible for reviewing and responding to debtor requests and complaints which came in as mailed, faxed or verbal over the phone. They are also required to respond to debtors in a timely manner to meet compliance rules.

In this business, quick response times and minimal errors are of critical importance. However, existing systems required TSI staff to manually document details in multiple mainframe systems where all debtor accounts were managed. Tracking and managing correspondence response was also a problematic process with large, thousand-line spreadsheets associated with word template responses where rules frequently changed and, as a result, manual updates were required.  

The Solution: Paperless Solutions’ Expertise in Streamlining Workflow

TSI turned to Paperless Solutions to design the right solution.

Paperless Solutions combined a custom-developed application, Paperless Newt, with OnBase by Hyland . This flexible workflow software system provided a way for TSI to adopt newer technology options to streamline activities, cut costs, improve quality and eliminate the tedious manual processes that were being used to manage debtor correspondence. Additionally it reduced the need for moving paper around while enabling staff to access information from their work stations.

The Return on Investment

Eliminated manual data entry, improved workflow, saved staff time: By integrating the Paperless Newt custom workflow software with a web based user interface, replacing the outdated Oracle system with OnBase, Paperless Solutions eliminated clerks’ need to enter data manually and access multiple systems during processing.

Enabled global access to information and reduced correspondence processing time. Paperless Solutions enabled overseas teams to process debtor correspondence in 24 hours which was faster than earlier processes. All staff could access the streamlined system and web interface from multiple locations across the globe to process correspondence.

Created an easy file change management solution. Trained customer on managing changes: Paperless Solutions trained TSI on how the system and files were organized so that TSI could manage any changes and easily customize correspondence rules in the future.

Improved management reporting: For CRT/Compliance, Paperless Solutions provided a quality control mechanism and report for supervisors to review and validate clerks’ processing, as well as record errors that were made by individual clerks. The report identified different user’s accuracy levels and then enabled management to adjust the review level for each individual’s work. 

The Paperless Solution System Offered:

  • Highly configurable custom business logic without requiring new versions of the software for each change.
  • Custom reporting.
  • Fine grained security, configurable per queue and allowed different rights for different actions.
  • Default routing based on business rules and manual routing between queues with configurable security.

While some of this functionality was available in OnBase, Paperless Newt offered a more budget-friendly option for a key area. It was designed specifically to address the business processing aspect of the project, replacing the existing Stellent workflow system, while integrating with Stellent IBPM, the Mainframe and Debtor LookUp systems. Paperless Newt’s workflow application automated a percentage of correspondence while queuing others to be reviewed. Once a segment of correspondence was reviewed then a system generated response was produced with easily identifiable classes of language appropriate for the response. Non-standard, “custom” responses were sent to another queue for manual completion of information within a standard language-generated template.

Over 80 data points on accounts and multiple debtor accounts were consolidated into one system with immediate access to full details, while integrating with OnBase. This enabled requesting and searching for related documents to include in responses. Tracking and managing correspondence using outdated spreadsheets was eliminated.

Once Paperless Newt was implemented and replaced the legacy Stellent workflow system, the Stellent IBPM system was migrated to OnBase. OnBase handled imaging and was a repository for all the documents associated with the individual debtor. The Paperless Newt application seamlessly communicates with OnBase, while automatically updating information within the Mainframe and Debtor LookUp system to aid in classifying and processing various debtor documentation and correspondence.

Paperless Newt also incorporated a web user interface to make it easy for Correspondence to access all the information they needed in one system and to enable processing and tracking correspondence in a more efficient and effective way.

Additional Features Included:

  • Fields and screens to capture data previously entered manually, reducing the system user “touch” points while processing each document.
  • New standardized forms to enable the clerk to easily take calls and capture relevant data. Clerks no longer needed to be familiar with or access various disparate systems such as the Mainframe and Debtor LookUp to accomplish their work.
  • Data validation to the workflow process to reduce errors and ensure each step was completed by the clerks.

About Paperless Solutions

Trusted experts in enterprise content management since 1999, Paperless Solutions specializes in industries with complex processes and stringent compliance requirements. State and local government, prothonotaries, manufacturers, laboratories and collections agencies rely on us to simplify their processes, decrease costs and keep their business compliant. By combining innovation with an intelligent business sense we bring about dramatic improvements in every client’s efficiency and bottom line. We skillfully combine best-in-breed off-the-shelf ECM solutions from Hyland OnBase and FileBound with our own software to deliver the right workflows from finance to human resources, court case management, e-Filing, sample test reporting and collections correspondence. Recognized for our outstanding customer service, Paperless Solutions is a repeat winner of the Hyland OnBase Diamond Award.

“Paperless Solutions took the time to understand our business. As a result they have been able to offer suggestions on additional process improvements that we otherwise may not have thought of. Paperless Solutions is a valued business partner.

Melissa Darcy
Vice President, TSI Client Services, Horsham, PA

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Software provided by Paperless Solutions Inc.

  • OnBase Enterprise Content Management Systems
  • Custom Solution: Paperless Newt with a custom web user interface
  • Integration with the Mainframe
  • Integration with the Debtor Lookup System


  • Compliance
  • Correspondence
  • Contracts


  • Replaced SAP imaging and Oracle systems
  • Systematized and automated capture, tracking and correspondence response processing
  • Eliminated manual entry among varied systems
  • Consolidated over 80 data points on multiple consumer accounts and incorporated into one system with immediate access to full details
  • Provided configurable security and rules allowing off-shore teams efficient access to non-restricted information and requests, while on-shore teams were routed more restricted work
  • Received system training for managing correspondence rule changes


  • Reduced correspondence response turnaround time
  • Simplified staff work flow and minimized processing errors with one system access
  • Provided efficient and more effective access to information and processing across the globe by other departments
  • Delivered easily manageable updates to correspondence rules by TSI
  • Improved monitoring for ongoing Q/C and custom management reporting on all activity
  • Created a paperless environment