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We work with clients to digitize critical processes and access to information. In our age, software is the key to business continuity. Here are just a few of the industries that we’ve worked with.

  • State and Local Government

  • Commercial Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Laboratories (Commercial and Federal)

  • Collections Agencies

  • Auto Franchises

  • Education


Our Business Process Automation solutions address departments from Finance to Human Resources, Court Case Management, eFiling, Sample Test Reporting, Collections Correspondence and more. 

How does the leading service provider of medical apparel and linens manage an abundance of invoices?

Intelligent and innovative Business Process Automation.

Click here to learn more about how we helped Nixon Medical electronically automate their AP Invoice Processing, eliminating the challenge of manual sorting and improving their ability to track past invoices for audits.

Bolster Security

Organizations today are faced with a multitude of IT threats, ranging from internal data fraud and unauthorized system access to external risks such as cyber crime, viruses and worms.

At Paperless Solutions, we provide you with a secure and protected environment for your critical information and processes. We can provide you with tools such as:

  • Encrypted disk groups and encrypted keywords to protect your data directly at the database and file system levels.

  • Distributed disk services that protect your data as it’s written to the file system and can act as a layer to aid in the protection against ransomware attacks.

  • Digital Signatures (eSignatures) to alert users to unauthorized content modification.

  • Strict password policies with configurable complexity, rotation, and lockout requirements.

  • Rights management to limit users’ access exclusively to authorized data.

  • Security keywords that allow administrators to further restrict access based on document metadata.

Paper files are always at risk of loss, damage or breach. Minimize liability by providing your staff with simple, secure electronic access to everything they need – anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We’ll walk you through the implementation process step by step.


While we offer many off the shelf solutions for quick deployment and ROI, our talented solution architects can personalize any software to your unique needs, including integrating with your existing systems.

Erie County, PA: Case Management and eFiling by Paperless Solutions

erie prothonotary case management and efiling

We’ve gone live with a new Case Management and eFiling system for Erie County PA Prothonotary! Learn more about their implementation journey here.

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