Digital transformation can be a daunting process. However, with the right attention to detail and careful selection, your Enterprise Content Services platform has the power to completely reshape the way you work. As a newcomer, how can you know which system is the right option for you?

  1. Limit the number of systems you’ll be evaluating

Develop a shortlist of software systems to delve into. Five or fewer will be easiest to evaluate, and any more might limit your ability to weigh each system effectively against your organization’s requirements. Keeping the number low will also make the overall process more manageable, especially when it comes to our next tip.

  1. Take advantage of demos

As you arrive further along in the process, make sure to set a date and time to demo each of your prospective software systems. This step is crucial, as demos will give you insight into the effectiveness and user-friendly qualities of the software. Schedule the demos as much as a week or two out so that you have time to adequately prepare, and know exactly what you would like to see when you arrive.

  1. Involve the correct people from your organization

Who should partake in evaluating your software options? You may think that your IT team would be the best option, but we recommend including employees from various parts of your organization. After all, who would have better input than those who will be using the new software to complete their daily tasks?

  1. Know what you need

Before attending demos or committing to a system, you should have a solid knowledge of your organization’s unique individual requirements. Invoice coding, document submission and approval, or even certification tracking are only a few solutions among thousands. Because many Enterprise Content Services platforms are so robust, we would encourage you to have a list of capabilities you would like demonstrated. Otherwise, you may risk seeing only features that are flashy but not of much use to your organization.

  1. Stay in control

Always remember to be an active participant in not only software research, but the demo process as well. Don’t let the software sales team drive the demo process by coming unprepared or neglecting to support the salesperson with as much information about your organizational needs as possible. Mistakes in software selection can be costly. Stay in the know and manage your selection process correctly!

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