The Building Blocks of Automation

Whether you want to build a solid foundation with electronic document Capture automation, maintain a secure information repository, or are interested in digitizing cumbersome paper-based forms, we have the tools and experience necessary to help you achieve your goals.

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What is Capture?

Put simply, Electronic Capture is the process of identifying and extracting critical information from incoming paper and electronic documents without extensive guidance from a user. This means that the moment a document like an invoice or signed contract is scanned into your software, various fields are automatically read, assigned and sorted before being uploaded into a secure digital repository. 

Scanning and storing your documents as PDFs alone does nothing to account for their value – the data that they contain. Capture has the ability to take field information such as invoice number, purchase amount or the transaction date and give you the power to manage and search for that information in your storage repository.

to automate, you need capture (infographic), key free indexing and document management

Your digital repository is a secure, centralized access point for all your organization’s information and documents. It can be accessed through the web anywhere, at any time and is a convenient tool for both on-site and remote employees.

Transformation in Action

See how the manufacturer MI Windows and Doors utilized our repository technology to streamline access to order documentation, packing slips, delivery tickets and more.

Once your documents have been captured and scanned into your repository, you can find them quickly by searching via any of the indexed fields. Search by date range, invoice or case number, and more. 

At Paperless Solutions, our main focus is helping our customers digitize and automate cumbersome paper-based processes. Eliminating paper cuts down on supply and postage costs, waste, and employee labor. Not only will it save you time and money, but it will help you improve your level of service to customers and constituents. 

  • Time-Saving digital solutions eliminate tedious paper-based tasks, eliminating human error and freeing up staff time for more project-based tasks

  • Quick Deployment so that you can start seeing ROI as soon as possible

  • Scalable options mean that your solution can easily be built upon or expanded into new departments in the future

  • Ensure Compliance with improved document management and audit preparedness, provide accessibility to COVID-19 related data

  • Configurable solutions to help you manage any content or process, even if they’re unique to your organization

See Workflow in Action

Forms, from time off requests to surveys and even job applications, are absolutely everywhere.

When you process forms, how are you ensuring that the information you require is being collected quickly and correctly? Automated software is the fastest and easiest way to complete and store forms for retrieval. Instead of digging through a messy file cabinet, you can just enter a quick search into your digital database instead.

Automated forms are not only more convenient to process, they’re also easier to complete. Online access means that forms no longer have to be completed on-site. With autofill technology, users can complete your form with fewer key-strokes.

Forms in Action: Online Marriage License Application