Award-Winning Technical Support by Paperless Solutions

To help you find the right software solution, we begin by getting to know you and your organization. From initial contact we will guide you through identifying your unique requirements and challenges.

Our Solution Architects work with your business goals in mind, taking all desired changes in your process into account and using industry-leading products and services to design the perfect solution for your needs. These include both standard solutions and configurable “niche” solutions for greater flexibility.

One of our analysts will pay an on-site visit to your organization in order to understand the daily work cycle of the end-user, crafting a “Day in the Life Storyboard” to fully understand the software needs of your staff. This helps us to follow in your footsteps, crafting the perfect end solution.

Once we’ve identified how your operations can become more efficient, we get to work turning that design into reality. We implement your solution in separate phases rather than all at once, so that you and your staff can address with us any concerns you may have throughout the process.

Our skilled, dynamic professional services team delivers – whether it’s integrating your systems, building electronic forms, scripting, or creating completely custom products.

To fully leverage your digital investment, those working with the new system and processes require training and information to support the transition. Our team uses a blended learning approach employing a variety of proven training delivery methods to deliver results. We know that the sooner your employees are proficient in their Content Services solution, the sooner your organization will see a return on investment.

Whether you prefer Paperless Solutions to train your team to support your new system or prefer to outsource support to us, we’ll ensure your system is running efficiently. We’ll even save you time at every step.

Paperless Solutions knows your needs may change, which is why every process we build is adaptable. We are always a call or a click away.

We are certified OnBase solution specialists in:

  • Installation

  • Workview

  • Workflow

  • Support Engineering

  • Application Programming Interface

For several years in a row, we have also been granted Hyland’s prestigious Diamond Award, recognizing us for supporting our OnBase customers with excellence.



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