Paperless Process


Project Managers drive each project forward in a detailed and timely fashion. They act as the point of contact for the progress of our projects and work with both our sales team and technical team to ensure the quality of each project.


Our Solution Architects work with your business goals in mind, taking every inefficiency in your processes into account and using industry-leading products and services to design the perfect solution for your needs.


Once we’ve identified how your operations can become more efficient, we get to work turning that design into reality. Our skilled, dynamic professional services team delivers—whether it’s integrating your systems, building electronic forms, scripting, or creating completely custom products.


To fully leverage your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology investment, those working with the new system and processes require training and information to support the transition. Our team uses a blended learning approach employing a variety of proven training delivery methods to deliver results. We know that the sooner your employees are proficient in their ECM solution, the sooner your organization will see a return on investment.


Our scanning services are scalable to work for a wide range of needs. Our solutions allow you to store your documents at one of our secure facilities and scan based on a monthly budget for a gradual, cost-effective conversion.


Implementing an OnBase case management solution puts high priority data at your employees’ fingertips, giving them a 360-degree view of what they need to complete complex tasks. OnBase synchronizes your applications and data in real-time so your employees don’t have to. The days of manually double-checking data and updating various applications are behind you as data, documents and processes are combined in a single product. This ECM-driven work method bolsters and improves case management.

Our professional services team uses its knowledge and experience to assess your company’s needs, find the best ways to implement OnBase, and put you in control of your new business asset. You’ll be aware of best practices for case management with OnBase for your specific organization right from the beginning.

OnBase Workview case management:


  • Empowers employees to work smarter with a 360-degree view
  • Increases visibility and control with reporting dashboards
  • Offers one platform for solutions enterprise-wide