How can I find out what ECS/Enterprise Content Services is?

The Association for Information and Image Management International defines Enterprise Content Services, or ECS, as “the systematic collection and organization of information that is to be used by a designated audience – business executives, customers, etc…[It is] a dynamic combination of strategies, methods, and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver information supporting key organizational processes through its entire lifecycle.”

Capture: The information is ‘captured’, or gathered, into the system.

Manage: The process of ensuring the information can be found and used by whoever it is intended for.

Store: Placing the information within your infrastructure, whether it be a formal content management system or other information solution.

Preserve: Archiving and maintaining files so that they can be accessed as far into the future as your organization needs them to be.

Deliver: Putting the correct information into the right hands at the right time.

Why do I need an Enterprise Content Services solution? What can Enterprise Content Services do for me?

Whether your organization is small or large, based in manufacturing or county and local government, Enterprise Content Services can help you simplify processes, reduce costs, and remain compliant.

Simplify processes: By digitally transforming the Contractor License Renewal process for Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania with OnBase, Paperless Solutions helped to eliminate township staff time spent on manual paperwork. Speeding up the processing times and streamlining the process improved customer service by making it easier for contractors to renew their licenses and provide required documentation.

Reduce costs: “The electronic court document system Paperless Solutions created for us made our entire process quicker, more efficient, much more user-friendly and much neater. It uses less paper and saves money for the taxpayer. We save tens of thousands of dollars per year on paper file folders alone” -Mark Levy, Prothonotary, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Remain compliant: NMS Labs came to Paperless Solutions when they needed to overhaul their process of compiling litigation packets to be used in court cases. After locating all test results, employees manually assembled litigation packets consisting of 200 to 3,000 pages. The process generally took two weeks to complete. Using OnBase to create a Lab Content Management System (LCMS), Paperless Solutions ensured that testing results were captured from equipment and automatically classified for future retrieval. Guaranteeing compliance, access to results is controlled by security levels.

You can read more of our client case studies in greater detail under our Case Studies page.

How do I choose the right OnBase Consultant for my organization?

Paperless Solutions has focused on designing and implementing Enterprise Content Services solutions for nearly 20 years. We are certified OnBase solution specialists in Installation, Workview, Workflow, Support Engineering, and Application Programming Interface. In addition, we have also been awarded Hyland’s prestigious Diamond Award several years running for our commitment to supporting the OnBase community with excellence.

Will OnBase or other solutions be able to integrate with my current system?

Yes. With our solutions, you will be able to make the most of your current system. Solutions integrate seamlessly with other core business and ERP systems, including SAP, Lawson, JDEdwards, Oracle eBusiness and more.

Am I able to host in Cloud? Or is the software premise-based?

When selecting your solutions, you will have the choice of Cloud or premise-based software. Paperless Solutions offers several licensing options: Concurrent licenses, Workstation licenses, and Named licenses. Concurrent licenses allow up to 20 individuals to access the ECS software at any given time, whereas a Workstation license is tied to one device and location, and a Named license is tied to a single individual. Paperless Solutions provides these flexible licensing options to suit each organization’s needs.

Can I access the solutions on a mobile device?

Yes. Our Cloud options include mobile access so that you can take your ECS solution on the go, accessing and uploading documents without the need for a computer. This is ideal for many employees or teams who are often out of the office on assignments, but who still need to access their organization’s files.

What level of training and support do you provide?

Our team uses a blended learning approach employing a variety of proven training delivery methods to deliver results. We know that the sooner your employees are proficient in their ECS solution, the sooner your organization will see a return on investment. Paperless Solutions is happy to provide first tier support to each of our customers. For several consecutive years, we have been the recipient of Hyland Software’s annual Diamond Award, granted as a result of our continued commitment to ensuring the OnBase by Hyland customer community is supported with excellence. Visit our Tech Services page to learn more.

Where can I find out which tradeshows you’re going to?

All tradeshows we will be attending can be found in the section labeled ‘Events and News’ on our About page.

What is your pricing?

Pricing will vary depending on your organization’s specific solution and needs. A member of our Sales team will be happy to provide you with more information. Please call 1-800-214-4139 or email us at